! مرحباً بكم

Welcome to Phillyarabictutor.com. My name is Anwar Wright and I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I started Phillyarabictutor.com with the vision of making learning the Arabic language simple, and in particular for the non-native speaker. As a non-native Arabic speaker myself, through hands-on experience and teaching I have learned the techniques needed in order for the learner to become proficient in Arabic grammar, reading, and speaking. My background includes two years of study in the Ma’had al-Lugat al-‘Arabiyyah (the Arabic Language Institute) at the Islamic University of al-Madinah, and then four years of study in the College of Hadith Studies. This is in addition to practical learning and implementation through mixing with native Arab speakers for a period of six years while living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 2003-2009. I highly anticipate that our lessons will be of benefit to you in your pursuit in learning the Arabic language. Hayya, let’s get it!

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