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Anwar Wright – Instructor and Founder.

أهلاً وَسَهْلاً

Ahlan! My name is Anwar Wright.

Thanks for dropping by my site.

If you are on your journey to learning the Arabic language, no matter what level, you have come to the right place.

My background includes six years of study in the Islamic University of al-Madinah in Saudi Arabia. By the permission of Allah, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Prophetic Hadith, and a two year Arabic language certificate from the University’s Arabic institute.

If Allah wills, I look forward to providing you excellence as you strive to meet your Arabic language goals.


We are here to assist you all the way throughout your journey in the Arabic language, Insha’Allah.

Beginners Arabic

Anwar Wright By Anwar Wright

This our flagship course which focuses on reading from scratch up until the reader achieves fluency. This is our most popular course thus far.


Arabic Grammar- Madinah Book 1

Anwar Wright By Anwar Wright

The Madinah Book 1 course is your first step in beginning to understand the Arabic language from the aspects of grammar principles, sentence structure, and building vocabulary for conversation.


A Glimpse at the Beginner’s Curriculum.

Course Content

Chapter 1: The Arabic alphabet, the hamzah, and the alif al-Maqsoorah.
Chapter 2: The three harakat (vowels) and the sukoon.
Chapter 3: The Arabic letters with tanween
Chapter 4: The Shaddah
Chapter 5: The Arabic letters with the Shaddah and Tanween
Chapter 6: Hamzatul Qat’i and Hamzatul Wasl
Chapters 7: al- Madd al-Tabee’i (the normal Madd) (i.e. elongation).
Chapter 8: The Alif after the Waw al-Jama'ah
Chapter 9: al-Taa al-Marbootah
Chapter 10: The Sun and the Moon letters
Chapter 11: Reading exercises on everything which has preceded
Chapter 12: Terminologies and symbols found in the Mushaf
Chapter 13: Numbers

Sit back, grab some tea or coffee, your notepad and pen, and enjoy the lessons. Hayya! Let’s get it.

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