Arabic Grammar- Madinah Book 1

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Ibn Taymiyyah stated about learning the Arabic language: “The Arabic language is from the Religion, and learning it is obligatory. This is because understanding the Book and Sunnah is obligatory, and they cannot be understood except by way of the Arabic language. Therefore, any obligation that cannot be fulfilled except by way of another, then that too becomes obligatory.” 

From the best books authored for the non-native speaker who desires to learn the principles of Arabic language is the Madinah book series. This series, authored by Dr. Fa Abdur Raheem for the language institute at the Islamic University of al-Madinah, has been a staple for students inside and outside the Islamic University for over three decades.

After studying the entire course during my years in the Islamic University, I have taught it to dozens of students privately and in group settings. Now, we are pleased to present this course on our platform Phillyarabictutoring, where students can study at their own pace and maximize their benefit. This course is the first crucial step in advancing your understanding of the Arabic language.

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Access period for this course is 1 year from date of purchase.

Refund policy: The purchaser has five (5) days to request a full refund if not pleased with this course. After five days, there will be no refund. No exceptions. 

The student must have Madinah Book 1 in order to complete exercises which will be done after explanation of the lessons.

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